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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Novel Intent Technologies (Novel Intent). We are proudly a Canadian company, who truly believes in Canadian values and passionate about providing excellent web & digital solutions to all our clients across the globe. Novel Intent was established in 2012 in Calgary, with a simple vision of providing world class web & digital solutions and service experience to all its clients. Since its inception, this simple philosophy becomes Novel Intent's guiding principle in all its dealing.

At Novel Intent, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we provide customized web & digital solutions which are well tailored as per the client needs and provide excellent support throughout the process to make sure that our clients will have the best experience possible. Novel Intent firmly believes that our people are our most valuable assets and that’s why we are committed to foster respectful workplace for all our employees and also strongly believe in giving back to the community.



Our Mission

Novel Intent believes in providing world class web & digital solutions and service experience to all its clients. Our service portfolio includes Web development, Brand development, Digital media and Print media. We are committed to foster respectful workplace for all our employees and genuinely working towards the well-being of our communities.


Our Values

  • We have a passion to innovate web & digital solution which creates a competitive advantage for our clients
  • We firmly believe in building great teams that challenges the status quo and transform it to greatness.
  • We are highly committed to maintain high level of business ethics by keeping honesty, transparency, equality and integrity intact in all our business dealings

We would encourage you to look at our projects in the portfolio section and also read the accolades from our valued clients to see why Novel Intent Technologies is being the choice for forward thinking business owners. With our in-depth approach to your specific business needs, we embark to deliver an outstanding experience that is focus on your aspirations. We would also encourage you to look at our services section to see how Novel Intent Technologies can meet the needs of your organization.

For all your inquiries, Please contact us at 587-227-8383 or email us at info@novelintent.com